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What is agricultural biotechnology? Using what you learned in this lesson and a search engine, post an explanation with three examples. Upload your completed work to this assignment link.

U3L5J-How does technology affect agriculture?

U3L6BLOG-What do you believe is the most damaging pest? Using this lesson and a search engine, make a post to this blog. Be sure to explain why you think so

Lesson Assignment: Friend or Foe


Insects can be both a pest and an important creature for the ecosystem at the same time. Explain this idea and give an example. Upload a 4 to 6 sentence explanation to this assignment link.

U3L6J-How can pests be managed without using chemical insecticides?


Goal :

You are working for the county conservation office of an area with a large farming community.


Your job is to find innovative solutions to problems and issues facing farmers.


Local farmers


Due to a rise in population, your local farmers are producing more and more food. However, as this occurs, more and more nutrient pollution is being produced on the farm. To offset this challenge, you have been challenged with creating a “Net 0” farm, a farm that produces zero waste for all its food production. All waste products are to be recycled into new materials.

Product or Performance:

At the completion of this lesson, you will create a map showing how a farm could produce zero waste. Explain what living creatures are there for food production, and explain how waste products will be recycled to new sources of food and energy for the livestock.

Standards for Success:

Successful projects will include a drawing that details animals, food sources, and recycling components organized around a central farm.

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