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Identify the strengths and weaknesses of Amazon’s E-Commerce. For the resources or capabilities that are distinctive competencies or weaknesses: ·       Question of Value: Explain whether the resource lowers costs or increases customers’ willingness to pay? ·       Question of Rarity*: Explain whether other competitors also possess the same or similar resources. Name the competitors.  ·       Question of Imitation*: Examine the costs faced by competitors to either copy or substitute for the resource. Explain the competitors’ profitability and their potential to make additional capital investments. If there is a barrier to imitation diagnose whether the barrier is legal, unique historical conditions, social complexity, or causal ambiguity.  ·       Question of Organization: Examine whether the company is organized to exploit its distinctive competencies. Describe the leadership, culture, control systems, or culture that supports the distinctive competence(ies) The distinctive competency I was assigned to write about is Amazon as an E-commerce platform/partnership. Please do the VRIO analysis on this.  Also be sure to mention other companies/stores using Amazon’s platform to sell their products. Include Kohl’s as one of the examples and how they are partnered with Amazon for return orders. *The syllabus asks you to compare and contrast the firm against its competitors. This is part of the question of Rarity and Imitation

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