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1)     Write an essay of 4-5 pages in length that examines the nature of U.S. citizen’s rights beginning in 1940 based on three interpretations of the Bill of Rights.  As your evidence for this examination, use documents that we have read and/or discussed in class; this can include one amendment from the Bill of Rights. Two of your documents should fall into the time period of the Warren Court (1953-1969). The best essay has a point of view or thesis that is laid out in the first paragraph, relies on the documents to make your case, and ends with a conclusion demonstrating how your evidence, the documents, proved your thesis. Remember to date your documents. Be sure to space out your documents so that you include the entire period that this question covers.   For these essay topics, remember to answer the question and use specific details from the documents! Use these examples to illustrate your points regarding the issues you raise (for example, specific aspects of due process). Draw on Urofsky and Finkenstein, March of Liberty to provide more detail about the documents and the events surrounding them. You may also use events from the handouts and information from your lecture notes to further explain the meaning of the documents, but this paper’s focus is on the documents themselves. As with the last paper, you will be citing the documents. For the assigned texts, use the same format required for the first essay. You may also use outside sources this time. For these sources, use the Chicago Manual of Style format described in the handouts

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