American Lit – Anti Slavery and Slavery Narratives


Part 1 and Part 2 should be at least 250 words each. That is why I selected 550 words, so if you could please just break it up as evenly as possible between both parts. ***Part 1: There are quite a few subtopics to choose from within this forum question part 1; you need not address them all. Choose one or a combination of many that speak to you and run with it! In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harriett Beecher Stowe uses the character Augustine St. Clare to state a popularly held notion at the time that slavery is worse for the master than for the slave. Discuss your thoughts about this notion. Discuss the concept that slaves are better off with their masters than they would be on their own. Look at how Stowe’s zeal for the subject of anti-slavery and her numerous Biblical references might impact her narrative as a whole. What, if any, qualities make it melodramatic or sentimental? Throughout this work there are overarching ideas about the institution of slavery, slave holders, families, politics and/or the economy. Consider and discuss any or a combination of these topics. ***Part 2: Harriet Jacobs in “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” presents herself as a teenager. Choose and describe some of the challenges Linda Brent faced while she lived under Flint; there are many and they are varied in complexity. Be sure to support your assertions with quotes and cites from the source.

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