Analysis/critical essay comparing and contrasting the films

Make sure you the follow MLA in writing your name, your professor’s name, class

and date.

2- Last name and page number as per MLA (top right-hand corner)

3- Your title should be a long tile, not a one, two, three or a four

-word title.

4- You should have an introduction to your chosen subject as your first paragraph.


Your thesis should be underlined and at the end of the first paragraph


6- Your second paragraph should be a paragraph where you define the theory you are


7- The rest of your body paragraphs should be about finding examples and analyzing


8- Your last paragraph should be your



You must have 3 full pages in

your essay

, a fourth page with your bibliography

and a fifth page if you need to print images-pictures.


Your essay must have at least 3 citations/quotes from the articles read in clas

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