Analysis of an organizational vision


Research visions from organizations in industries other than your own. Find a vision statement that provides an engaging picture for the future of that organization and is detailed enough that external stakeholders can relate to it in a meaningful way. In a paper of 750-1,000 words, address the following: Describe the company and its vision statement. Discuss the attributes that make the vision meaningful. Explain how the vision statement is appropriate for the organization and why the vision statement is appealing to stakeholders on both a cognitive and emotional level. Evaluate whether or not the vision statement encourages organizational change. Provide rationale and examples to support your assessment. Compare and contrast this vision to that of a successful vision in your field, industry, or organization. How do the attributes for a vision in your field or industry differ from those in other fields or industries? NOTE: In my last assignment I used Apple as my business of interest, any organization is okay to use as long as it is different from Apple’s industry. Also, there is not a required amount of sources needed but preferably 2 or more. Thank you.

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