Analytical essay


Submit an original Analytical essay (Ch. 8 in Curious Writer) about Multiple Intelligences, Temperament, and Emotions. (every essay should have at least as many paragraphs as questions or items required in the assignment PLUS the intro and conclusion). Using the material from the first three weeks related to MI Theory, Temperament, and Emotions, Compose a 4 page (minimum number of typed content pages) essay (all essays should be in 12 font and double-spaced and consist of full pages of writing) about: (1) specific features of MI Theory, Temperament, and Emotions, (answers WHAT?) (2) explorations of how these three specific elements work to make up a person’s character, (answers HOW?) AND (3) reasons for your claim(s) including specific evidence from Gardner, Keirsey, and other sources assigned in the weekly readings only (Follow this order above without numbering the sections, but use a bold heading to separate each–only 4 or 5 words max)

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