Anthropology technical paper READ INSTURCTIONS CAREFULLY, pick article on website


1. the Scenario handout: gives you the background info., so you are prepared for “what” to look for when you look for your article. And what the topic is. 2. the Instructions for Paper: gives you a step by step, detailed Instructions of “how” to write your Paper (the Instructions). Within this, you will see: – what goes on the Cover Page – how many pages it needs to be (3 pages and not including cover page  – how many sections it needs to be: each section needs a heading and each section needs to be a certain length – you absolutely need to cite your source within the text or points do get taken off (see the Instructions for how many) – see Instructions for use of acroynms, capitalizations, etc. – you DO NOT need a Citations Page or Bibliography because for this assignment all the info is on the Cover Page – Etc., etc., etc….

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