1- Critically analyze the theme, analyses, and conclusions of “The Color Line” articles of W. E. Dubois and H. Zinn. Try to focus on the similarities and differences of their work. – You may use concepts and ideas from your textbook and other readings, documentaries, and outside resources. – Your basic work should focus on a- examining their common points and views and on their differences in their analyses. b- how they incorporate all needed points to convince the reader with their views (did they miss anything essential to clarify their views)? c- What elements, do you believe, were strong and solid, and which ones were shaky (less convincing)? Illustrate some of them. d- What kind of society did they believe in? you may compare their conclusions at the end of their articles) Some hints that may be helpful: – Remember that both authors had “the color line” as a common thread in their articles. Briefly explain that concept from the views of the two authors. – H. Zinn’s historical analysis was helpful in shedding light on the dark side of the development of race relations and how colonialism and capitalism helped shape them those relations in the antagonist way they have become. – Discuss Dubois’s debatable optimism and what was it based on? Highlight its elements in the article. – Look at Zinn’s analysis of race relations: how do you characterize it? (similar, closer, or contradictory to Dubois’?) – Finally, come up with a good-sized paragraph of your own conclusion. I must stop here before finishing the assignment!

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