Application: Organize and Measure


Application: Organize and Measure Redesigning the organization’s activities, roles, structure and performance measurement, management, and improvement planning are crucial parts of the People phase (Jeston & Nellis, 2018, p. 368). The TS Group case study does not address any of these activities. Imagine you were with the ERP consulting company. Write a memo to Ben Tang and enumerate your concerns about the negative effects you anticipate on the ERP system because of the current organizational structure, measurements, and reward systems. Explain how the organization’s structure, measurement, and rewards systems are affected by new BPM software. You know that Tang has some influence with the steering committee, therefore outline three or four rapid changes he could propose to gain immediate positive results and how he might present them to the divisional general managers. Submit the Application Assignment by Day 7. Be sure your application is in memo format with citations in APA format and approximately 1–2 pages in length.

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