Applying to a high school that is full but hoping this letter can convince them


I am an articulated student with straight A grades. My brother went to this high school as well. I would like for you to please express through this letter that I have struggled in the past but have been rehabilitated. Ive learned lots about myself and I am confident that I will succeed at this school. It is now a matter of convincing the admissions office that I am worth squeezing into there full class. I play football and basketball and would like to join speech and debate, as I want to become a lawyer when I grow up. I think this school has a community unlike any other high school and It is what I need to become successful.  I went to a treatment center for drug usage earlier this year, and that is why I am applying late. I want to use this story so that my application seems more appealing. I struggled with peer pressure and trying to fit in; all that stuff. You can kind of make up stuff that sounds good because hopefully your smart but contact me if you need additional information: 3238075057. I really appreciate you doing this and please put in some good effort.

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