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1. Describe the three approaches to intervention (implemented in San Antonio, Seattle and Salt Lake City) and the consequences for mentally ill, drug addicted and chronically homeless persons, as well as for police departments and taxpayers.

2. Thinking back on what you have learned in this class, why do you suppose these effective programs have not been used sooner? For example, what misunderstandings of mind, mental illness and addiction do many people have that could lead them to approach these issues with punitive (i.e., punishing) goals rather than the goal of rehabilitation? How might “the fundamental attribution error” have contributed to this punitive attitude?

3. Recall that Arum states that the college educated are the “elite” that we depend upon for our society to function. For example, our most vulnerable citizens depend on their fellow Americans to advocate on their behalf. What are the consequences of inadequate college education for mental health policy and for society as a whole? That is, what do poorly educated college graduates not do for their fellow citizens?

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