Argument for the removal of Confederate symbols such as the Nathan Bedford Forrest bust displayed in Nashville’s State Capitol building.


Compose a thoroughly-researched 2500-3000-word argument essay that integrates 7-10 sources, at least 2 of which should be from peer-reviewed, scholarly sources, and demonstrates deep thinking and writing about a specific chosen topic. Focus on: thesis, research, paper organization, paragraph organization, level of detail, and style. Because this is an argumentative paper, it should have a debatable thesis that is the last sentence or two of the introduction (the rest of the introduction should introduce and explain your topic). The thesis should fully, specifically, and accurately summarize the argument and main points of the paper. After reading the thesis, your reader should be able to outline the paper accurately. Do not leave any “surprise ideas” in the paper for the reader to discover later. Paragraph Organization – Topic sentence – first sentence of the paragraph. Should be debatable/require evidence for support. Evidence – In the form of quotations, personal anecdotes, statistics, etc. If a quotation, it MUST be introduced. NEVER begin a sentence with a quotation. Discussion – should explain the relevance of the essay for the argument. Do not merely re-state the evidence; tell the reader why it matters. DO NOT use the last sentence to “transition” to the next paragraph. This is confusing for readers, who are conditioned to expect a new idea at the beginning of a paragraph, not at the end. My stance on the topic – I AM ARGUING FOR THE REMOVAL OF CONFEDERATE SYMBOLS. While many feel that Confederate symbols are an antiquated celebration of slavery and inequality, many others argue that these symbols represent heritage and history. While I do agree that we should not simply erase our country’s history, there is a significant difference between being able to learn about that history and celebrating it. I have 8 sources of research in MLA format as well if that helps. You can what I have or find different sources, either way works for me.

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