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Using paints (watercolors and a piece of paper will be the cheapest), create an Impressionistic sunrise or sunset. The examples below are the sun over the water, but you can choose whatever scene you would like. Focus on the colors and the light shown from the sun reflecting on whatever your scene and the short brushstrokes employed by the Impressionists. Once you have made your painting, take a picture and upload it in your Word or Google doc assignment. You must also write a statement explaining what materials you used. Then answer the following questions. 1. Were the Impressionists concerned more with the subject matter or the formal elements? 2. What are the pros and cons of the following painting techniques: watercolor, oil, acrylic? 3. Have you ever painted before? Did you enjoy this painting project? Why or why not? As to do the art work and answer questions *Upload the doc or pdf file to this assignment and submit. Please do NOT upload the written assignment and picture separately.*

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