This external link (Links to an external site.) will take you to the section on Ancient Greek Art. Feel free to read any of the short introductory essays on Ancient Greek art and culture but this exercise will focus on stylistic changes in Ancient Greek art and architecture. To find the videos, use the tiles on the left side of the Smarthistory web page. (Search by ar historical category/work listed below.) When you have completed this portion of your assignment, you will have watched 5 short videos (approx. 35mins. total), 4 required videos, and 1 video from the suggested choices. You will decide which 2 works you will use for formal analysis. You must select one artwork from the required topics list and one from the suggested topics list for your formal analysis. You will submit your formal analysis of both works in one document file attached through the assignment submission link at the top of this page. Required videos: You must watch ALL 4 videos and then select one work for formal analysis from the required viewing selections below Archaic art – required viewing: Ancient Greek temples at Paestum, Hera I Early Classical art – required viewing: East & West pediments of the Temple of Aphaia 5th Classical art – required viewing: Doryphorus (Spear Bearer) Lt. Classical/Hellenistic art – required viewing: Great Altar of Zeus at the Temple of Athena, Pergamon Suggested videos: You must select ONE additional topic for formal analysis from the numerous suggested choices below. Archaic art – suggested topics: 1. New York Kouros 2. Anavysos Kouros 3. Peplos Kore 4. Exekias’s Achilles & Ajax (under Pottery) Early Classical art – suggested topics: 1. Kritios Boy 2. Charioteer of Delphi 3. Artemesion Zeus (or Poseidon) 5th C Classical art – suggested topics: 1. Myron’s Discobolus 2. Plaque of Ergastines, Parthenon frieze 3. Victory, Nike Adjusting Her Sandal, Temple of Athena Nike 4. Grave Stele of Hegeso Lt. Classical/Hellenistic art – suggested topics: 1. Apoxyomenos 2. Barberini Faun 3. Dying Gaul 4. Seated Boxer 5. Laocoon These videos, in conjunction with your assigned reading in Stokstad, should introduce you to the central points of formal analysis for each object or building. Formal analysis should consider the connections between form, (style or what a work looks like), theme/function, (a work’s subject or purpose) and context (the historical and cultural influences that shape meaning). Specific considerations should include but are not limited to: artist, patron, original location of work, medium, style, technique, thematic concerns, (subject), function/purpose and historical and cultural context. Your submission will include formal analysis of TWO works; each analysis should be at least 250-350 words in length – for a total of approx. 500-600 words for the completed assignment. To submit your formal analysis, click on the assignment submission link at the top of this page, and attach a file. Your response must be submitted as an attached/uploaded file so it can be opened and edited in the gradebook.

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