Article Report


Find an article that is at least 2-3 pages long about a topic that is relevant to the course. You will need to send your instructor a copy of the article, or a link to the article, so make sure the article you want to use is available in an electronic format! Write a report that is at least one page long describing and discussing your article. Cover the following points: A copy of the article and a proper citation of where it can be found. A one page summary in your own words of the two or three most important points in the article. Do not copy what the article says word for word. The purpose is asking for this summary is to see whether you understand the article. Answer the following questions as part of your 1-2 page report: Does the article agree with your text, disagree with your text, or is it a topic not even discussed in your text? How does the major point of the article fit into our body of knowledge on this topic? Is it pretty similar to the mainstream view? An alternative viewpoint? A controversial point of view? (You may not know the answer to this question with any certainty, but try to get a sense of it from the language the author uses and other contextual cues, such as where the article was published.) What is your reaction to the article? Do you find what it says to be useful, confusing, obvious, or how do you react? Does the article raise any further questions for you? If you were going to pursue the topic further, what would you want to know next?

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