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Each student will analyze an artifact of their choice using a lens or concept discussed in a course reading. There are two of these analyses due this semester. Choose a different artifact and lens for each artifact analysis.  Your artifacts can be anything: an advertisement, a TV episode, a film, a character, a book, a conversation, a social movement hashtag, etc. For instance, What is the role of masculinity in the photo series Sleeping Soldiers (2009) depict male intimacy in the War on Terror? cite the reading(s). Defend a thesis. The purpose of the theory essay is to analyze the artifact in question using the concept. What does the artifact do? And why is that significant? Essay Format These short essays should have an introduction, a few paragraphs of analysis, and a conclusion. 2-3 pages, typed, double-spaced in Times New Roman 12-pt font, with 1-inch margins. Please use a consistent citational style (APA, MLA, or Chicago).  I would love to have the artifact related to religion, genders, sport such as on the “Nike Unveils Muslim Women Athletes”.

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