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In this part of the assignment, you will design an app that does not yet exist, but perhaps is one that you may like to build one day for the individuals with accessibility needs.

What to Do:

Write a detailed description of the app which includes the objective/purpose/goal of the app, specifically, how it will serve individuals with accessibility needs? What learning problem it is targeting?
What are the functionalities of this app? What will it do? What service will it provide?
Create a visual wireframe/storyboard showing and explaining all the screens of the app. Feel free to hand-draw what screens, buttons, scroll-bars will look like or use computer-generated graphics. Provide text explanations for all features of the app on each screen.
Submit your plan to this assignment.
Finally, if it is convenient for you, please write a brief summary after completing this assignment. This summary needs to be separated from this assignment by a boundary. Thank you very much!

What is Assistive Technology?

Video Citation: Rizzo, J.R. [TEDx Talks]. (2018, December 4). Assistive Technology & Advanced Wearables | John Ross Rizzo | TEDxNYU. [Video file]. Retrieved from

What is Assistive Technology? Any item, piece of equipment or software that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of people with accessibility needs.

Unless you are a person with a disability(ies) or know someone with these challenges, it is easy to forget that technology is not always easily accessible to everyone. This week, we are focusing on Assistive Technologies that ensure that everyone is able to access the resources of modern technology.


Also, please learn more about SFSU’s DPRC (Disability Programs and Resource Center) here

Sample of Types of Student Accommodations:

  • Assistive Technology
  • Assistive Listening Device (ALD)
  • Breaks
  • Campus Housing Accommodations
  • Classroom Furniture
  • Flexibility with Attendance and/or Deadlines
  • Instructional Materials in Accessible Format
  • Sign Language Interpreting Services
  • Media Captioning
  • Note-taking Assistance
  • Orientation and Mobility training
  • On-Campus Shuttle
  • Parking
  • Priority Registration
  • Real-Time Captioning (CART)
  • Reduced Unit Load
  • Reserved Seating
  • Scent-Free Environment
  • Seizure Protocol
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