ats, what’s the latest?

ery few subjects related to nutrition are debated as much as the fats–which are good, which are not, and how to make food choices that take everything we know about them into account. A classic example is the advice on butter vs. margarine, which has gone back and forth over the years, in response to the evolving science. In the most recent update of the USDA Dietary Guidelines, it has been determined from the scientific data that cholesterol is no longer of concern from foods, and will not cause a rise in LDL if consuming excess cholesterol. HOWEVER, saturated fats will cause an increase in LDL levels in blood and therefore are to be avoided to reduce risk of heart disease.

As we learned, LDL is carrying 50% or more cholesterol through the bloodstream to the cells, however, too high of a level of LDL in circulation is not a good thing. So, along with an increase in all calories (where excess calories are stored in adipose tissue), perhaps too much in excess sugars (which would be converted to fats in excess) and saturated fats can affect levels in blood, however, cholesterol in food is no longer considered a factor.

To help inform your post this week, please take a look at the following:

Read the Omega article (posted in Learning Module 5 table of contents)

Read the following articles:,

Choose one or more of the following to provide a thorough response (as well as comments to two others):

Discuss ways you might change your diet to use the latest research on “heart healthy” (as opposed to “harmful”) diets into account?
What is smoke point? What happens to an oil which is heated to beyond its ‘smoke point?’
Which types of fats are best for heart health and why?
Share some specific changes you have made or would be willing to make in your food selections (at home or when eating out).
Feel free to respond to any of the information you read and/or viewed. If you wish to search very recent, published information from scientific peer-reviewed journals, please do!

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