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Perform a horizontal and vertical analysis of balance sheet and income statement

Using the financial statements from Unit 1, complete the following:

  • Perform a horizontal and vertical analysis of the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement for Jim’s Auto Body and Angel’s Auto Body, a similar company within the same industry.
  • Analyze the data to glean information regarding the company’s profitability and any areas for improvement.
  1. The attached excel spreadsheet titled 02-27-19 Managerial Accounting MUST BE USED to complete this assignment.
  2. Additional Information Needed: The financial statements and its instructions from Unit 1 are attached.

** NOTE: The financial statements need to be verified before using them because they have not been graded. The tutor for that assignment submitted them past the due date so it has not been graded in time for this assignment. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE verify the data in the financial statements before using for this assignment. ** 

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