Barriers to Electronic Health Record System Implementation and Information Systems Resources

A Structured Review, concisely summarizes multiple articles that yielded 57 barriers to the implementation of EHR systems.
Justify the impact of the expense of human capital on the selection of an EHR.
Include the following aspects in the discussion:
• Use Chapter 9 from the text (Strategic Planning, Project Management, and Health Information Technology Selection) and any other outside resources you find helpful
• Select two functions in the project management process that must be considered during the EHR selection activity.
• Explain the importance of assessing the internal and external environments during the planning process.
• Discuss the value of strategic planning in health information technology (HIT), and explain why it is important.
• Provide your personal perspective on what the role of the SME in the HIT section process should be

Information Security and Privacy in Healthcare Environments Required Texts Hebda, T., Hunter, K. & Czar, P. (2018). Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare



Healthcare – Past and 2024
Watch the following video: What healthcare will look like in 2020
Advocate for your health care in 2024.
Include the following aspects in the discussion:
• Share your vision of what you would like health care to look like in 2024
• What aspects of the video most impacted you?
• Discuss peers’ visions and what it might take to get there

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