benefits of a CRM system

A Brisbane based firm called Sport-Cycles manufactures and sells premium bikes through its website and 40 outlets. It only collects basic information about its customers. The information it does collect is stored in a basic Microsoft Access database but this is not used to generate value for the firm, it is only a store of customer information that is updated manually.
At the moment its 40 outlets provide inconsistent customer data to the company. For instance, some outlets provide customer feedback data, some provide full details of all customer touchpoints and some provide no data. Likewise, Sport-Cycles capture few details about its customers via online sales.
Business is thriving and there are many repeat and new customers but also significant customer churn. The owner is finding it difficult to keep track of high value customers, the problems customers face, manage customer relationships, etc. Some customers have complained about the poor quality service they receive when dealing with the firm via email or telephone. At the same time customers are demanding a very personalised service. Because of these issues the firm is concerned that customer retention is not as high as it could be, and there is an impact on operating costs. In addition, because of the growth of customers the firm would like to know more about patterns in customer behaviour and purchases and use this to inform decision making.
Using this example, how would you explain to the owner of the business the benefits of a CRM system to address these business issues?

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