Big Data analytics

What are the common business problems addressed by Big Data analytics?

What are the common business problems addressed by Big Data analytics? In the era of Big Data, are we about to witness the end of data warehousing? Why?


Work must be 1 FULL page with 2 to 3 paragraphs (at least 500 Words), single spaced, 12 font Times New Roman. The cover and reference page must be on separate pages with at least 5 references.You should have at least one in text citation for every reference and use references other than or in addition to the uploaded textbook.

Revision remarks

I’m sorry but again it’s wrong answer. Question is to discuss the common problems addressed by big data analytics but the document talks about problem with big data analytics which opposite to the question. Can you please check and update the discussion.

Also, we have to write in the context that big data will end data warehousing and the statement have to be justified with proper reasons.
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