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Video link: VIDEO #7: “Borderline Medicine”; This is an AARP [American Association of Retired Persons] sponsored analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the Canadian health care system. This program is narrated by Walter Cronkite and is distributed by Public Policy Productions Inc, 1990. As old as this video is, the core differences are clearly articulated in this extremely well produced analysis of the two systems. While the numbers and percentages quoted are two decades old, the core issues remain the same…..since only time, efficacy of program design, and politics will tell if the various provisions of the Affordable Care Act will make significant inroads. After reviewing this video as well as other appropriate sources, please respond effectively to the following questions. 1. Are physicians really at fault for not accepting patients without insurance [or those with under-funded insurance programs]? Are they really the “bad guys” in this matter? Discuss your opinion on this situation from both perspectives. 2. Discuss if you think a majority of Americans [including the approximately 170 million Americans with health insurance] would be willing to deal with long waiting lines for many common therapeutic/diagnostic procedures in return for financial security for health services? 3. According to some of the issues discussed in the tape, what are other approaches to controlling health care costs aside from changing to a single-payer system? 4. What current problems [not from video – you will need to research this] – are appearing in TODAY’S Canada regarding access to services Your reflection paper should be between 2 Video link:

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