BSHA program Self-Reflection

As you conclude your BSHA program, it is important to reflect on the knowledge gained and your experiences throughout your program.

Write a  reflection of your experience in the BSHA program. Answer the following questions in your reflection:

Consider all of the courses and content you have learned in the program. What course or course content will be most helpful in your future role? * (Course chosen: Leadership and Performance Development)
How will you apply the knowledge you have gained during this program to the role you aspire to obtain in the health care industry?
What you did not learn and how do you think it would have supported your education and your future career?

Part 2(i will attach the class mates posts once you have completed part 1)

Respond to two classmates  how your chosen course: Leadership and performance Development will make you the best sorted after leadership in your organization

PS; BSHA Bachelor of Science in Health Administration


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