Bullying vs popularity


Write a 5 page research essay on the topic of bullying in schools and popularity. You will need to cite 3 recent (2010-current) scholarly journals and 2 recent (within last year) news stories. Your paper can be written in any scholarly format (MLA, APA, ASA) and should include a title page and works cited page

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To find scholarly journal articles you will need to go to the library. Or you can go to sac.edu Click on current students, then library. You will be able to put in your webadvisor and password and then search for articles. If you go online, be sure you are getting the information from a scholarly journal and that you get the full article not just the abstract. Also be sure that it is not a book review or peer review (review of literature) paper. There must be actual data collection and research from 2010-current. You should be citing a minimum of 3-6 times since you have three articles. Be sure to cite your source. Attach/upload all research to Canvas with your essay. (the full articles, no links, no abstracts) Case Studies Two case studies needed within last year. To get the news stories you may use a newspaper or go online. If you get it online make sure it is from a reputable source (like OC Register, ABC News, CNN etc) and not someone’s blog. Huffington Post is NOT a good news source. The news articles can be local or national. Make sure that it is about a specific incident of bullying and not just a general discussion of bullying. Attach your 2 news stories that you used to your essay, (full news stories, no links) 1.Introduce the topic of bullying. Be sure to have a thesis statement as the last sentence of your first paragraph. 2. Define Bullying. What different types of bullying are there? Who is the “typical” bully? Who is the “typical” victim? 3 and 4. Talk about at least 2 recent (within last year) incidents of bullying. Give a summary and explain the details of what happened. What type of bullying was conducted? What happened to the bully? What happened to the victim? 5. Why do people bully? What does popularity have to do with it? What about reference groups? What about in-groups and out-groups? What about Milgram’s research on blind obedience Asch’s research on group conformity? Why is “fitting in” so important? Why are social groups so important? What is to be said about socializing agents? (think specifically family, media, peers, and school) 6. What are the repercussions of being bullied? Rewards of being popular? How long does it last for? 7.Should all schools be required to implement a bullying awareness program? Should parents of bullies have to pay a fine? Should bullies be removed from school? Are there any realistic solutions to stop bullying?

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