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You may write a short summary of any news article broadly relating to the course topic of “Business Data Communications”.

For more specific topics or keywords, look at the textbook’s table of contents, chapter and sub-chapter headings, or the book’s glossary. News sources include newspapers, magazines and professional journals in print and on the web. Journals that focus on Business and Information Technology, available through the University Library Web Site, are a quick and rich source of material and may be more unique and interesting than stories found on mainstream media websites or through Google searches.

Scope: 200 words, about one paragraph or 1/3 of a page.

Sample Outline for Article Summaries:

  • What is new
  • What you find most interesting
  • What are possible implications of this news

Some websites of interest to you, especially helpful for your news article summaries include: – new gadgets and technology news – – latest trends of technology – – tech news – – tech news – deep tech news – – Apple focused tech news – – tech that matters –

Engadget – future focused tech –


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