Business Ethics & Corporate Governance


INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE REFLECTION PAPER   Assignment:  Drawing from the class readings and at least one outside source, please do a 2-page paper on one of the following topics:   1.     Argue for or against the following proposition:  “It is inconsistent for CEO of a publicly-traded social media company that has a shareholder primacy orientation to issue a strong public statement about her views on racial justice in response to recent events.”   2.     Apply utilitarianism to analyze the costs and benefits to at least three stakeholder groups and argue for or against Ralphs (whose parent company is Kroger) ending or continuing “hero pay” for essential workers.  Here is a link to a July 14 New York Times article addressing the issue:  You are expected to use at least one other outside source.   3.     You are the Chief Operating Officer of a major retail company.  You have just learned that the top salesman in the lowest performing region made a sexist comment to one of his female subordinates.  She recorded the encounter on her iPhone and has threatened to go viral if something isn’t done.  When the salesman has been threatened with discipline in the past, he has threatened to quit.  Each time the company has backed off.  What do you do?   4.     Please identify a company not discussed in class that has taken actions in response to the pandemic that appear to be inconsistent with the company’s stated values.  Using one of the following theories addressed in class (utilitarianism, Rawls, Nozick, objectivism, or the ethic of care) explain why the identified actions in response to the pandemic are or are not ethically sound.  If the actions are not ethically sound according to the ethical theory you have identified, please say what alternative action would be in line with the ethical theory and why.     ·       The paper must be 2 single-spaced pages.   ·       Outside research is expected and required.       ·       No particular citation format is required as long as the same citation format is used throughout the paper.  Please also list your sources at the end of your paper.  (The list of sources does not count toward the 2 pages of the paper.)  Note that this will be the first thing I will review when I start to evaluate your paper.

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