Business Impact Analysis: the Human Resource Manager

Every organization begins with the resource recruitment and hiring professional for every team in the organization. HR Team will be more focused on organization structure and project design so that it will be easy to achieve organization values. HR team members will enhance organization productivity by recruiting the right candidates . Compensation structure, employee engagement, benefits, and employee benefits will be taken care of by the HR team so it will be easy to adopt the latest skills and policies in an organization. The team should accept new challenges, benefits, and employee support so that it will increase employee retention and increase employee efforts. Communications and negotiation skills are major components as an HR Manager because they must deal with fresher and experienced candidates, so it is mandatory to know convincing skills.

Business Analyst

Business Analyst is the key person for every project because it will finalize the business requirement and compile the file goal for the project. Business Analyst will interact with higher management to understand the business goals and business objectives and it will directly be related to application development and product development . Business Analysts should focus on organization goals and expectations so that it will be easy to make the project successful. Most of the project fails due to inappropriate requirements and unstable requirements. Business analysts and project managers will interact in a team to achieve organizational goals .

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Business Impact Analysis would identify and evaluates the effects such as legal, life/safety, financial, natural and man-made events on business functionalities. This information is first analyzed and segregated according to the requirement by means of compliance policies. This would help in identifying the risk of the organization at maximum core level. It would assess all the risk factors in the organization and prepare a detailed report which would help in mitigation of the issues. This report would help in business continuity plan and with the help of developed strategies the risks can be reduced. It would prepare a detailed report and submit to the organization and they would assess the possible factors which can cause damage to the organization. This report is a part of disaster recovery plan and it also helps in identifying cost related failures, loss of cash flow, damage of equipments, salaries issues, profit and loss issues etc,. The quantified BIA report would help the organization to understand the drawbacks and threats of the organization and can improve the disaster recovery plans for future purpose.

It also helps in improving the security measures in order to mitigate the possible security threats in the organization. This report would be sent periodically and it’s the responsibility of the manager to understand the report and take the necessary measures to mitigate the issues and threats at the earliest. If this report is neglected, it would cause devastating loss to the organization which can be monetary loss, employee loss and even trust worthy relationship from the customers.

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