Business Law: Causation of Harm

Jake was stopped in his car at a red light. A pair of teenagers unexpectedly ran up to the vehicle and smashed the windshield with a baseball bat. Jake put his car into park and leaped out to chase the teenagers. Unfortunately, he did not catch them. Worse yet, upon returning to the traffic light, he found that his car had been stolen. A few minutes later, several blocks away, the thief rammed Jake’s vehicle into Mysty’s truck. The teenagers and the thief have never been identified. Mysty has therefore sued Jake. She claims that if Jake had not left his keys in the ignition while he chased the vandals, the thief would not have been in a position to steal his car and crash into her truck. Jake admits that he should have taken the keys with him but denies that he committed the tort of negligence.
Did Jake’s negligence “cause” the damage to Mysty’s truck? (Provide a full three steps legal analysis.)
Three Steps legal analysis.
1st step: Legal Issue: Identify the relevant legal issues: (Under Canadian Law)
Read and understand the facts to determine the legal questions that need to be answered.
2nd step: Applicable Law: Identify and discuss the law relevant to the issue.
Cite the applicable law.
3rd step: Apply Law to Facts: Apply the law to the facts and come to a conclusion or opinion.
Do not apply only common sense. Apply the law!
This is most probably issue of Causation of Harm under Negligence Tort Law.
To give proper answer summary of Canadian Negligence Tort Law is given in Comment.

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