Business plan for edTech start-up in middle east Assignments Cheap Essay Help

Please make sure to include the following: 1.    1.   The business plan shall include and stress on advanced strategic planning and management frameworks, concepts and tools (for example BCG matrix, Mckinsey 7s framework, business model canvas, GE traffic light matrix, etc.) 2.    2.   It should start with a detailed background context and a clear management question and what the assignment/ business model is going to address. 3.      3.  Conduct viability, desirability and feasibility assessment for the idea? – Minimum Viable Product “MVP” can be used to test  adjust, pivot  in an iterative development process 4.    4.   How to test in order to reduce uncertainty? 5.      5.  Business Model canvas 6.    6.   How to put the team? 7.     7.  go to market plan 8.     8.   scaling plan? 9.      9.  What are the forecasted income statement, balance sheet and cashflow forecasts? 10.  Implementation plan with milestones, resources allocation, responsibility (RACI matrix) 11. cost and benefit analysis, 1212.  Risks and how to mitigate risks 1313.  Harvard style Bibliography (in-text and list in the end) for data and concepts/literature

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