Business System Analysis

For this assignment it says consider the organization I work with. I currently am a Warehouse Supervisor for a Third Party Logistics company at Kane is Able. We store product for 4 different customers and then ship their product out when ordered. Consider the organization you are currently working for or the one you have worked for in the past. Describe this organization as a system in a three page APA style paper (excluding title and reference pages). Discuss each of these concerning this system (Please see Definition of a System and its Parts in Chapter 1 of the text): •What is the input to this system? •What is the output? •What is the boundary of the system? •What are the components? And their interrelationships? •What are the constraints? •What is the purpose? •What are the interfaces? •And what is the environment? Draw a diagram of this system (you can use Word or PowerPoint to draw a diagram). In addition to the requirements above, your paper: •Must be 900 word double-spaced (three pages) and use 12 point font. •Must be formatted according to APA style. •Must reference two scholarly resources in addition to the textbook. •Must include a list of references written in APA format.





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