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A 20 year old male basketball player at Mason has come to you for healthy eating advice and how to fuel his performance. He has the following questions: – What foods can I eat to increase my water intake? I don’t like water and tend to consume only powerade since campus provides it for us. How much water should I try to consume daily? – I get fatigued halfway through practice (3:00-6:00pm). I eat lunch at 11:30am between classes; is there a snack I could consume before practice to give me energy? – After practice I am famished, what should I eat when I am done? What would you recommend generally for his energy nutrient recommendations (carbohydrates, lipids, and protein)? – He exercises 3 hours every day – He is 6 ft tall and weight – 200 pounds My Tasks: – Introduce demographic information on the college athlete (age, gender, sport, position played, and any other background information). – Make energy nutrient recommendations using the information learned in the provided lesson materials – Create a one-day meal plan that follows the above recommendations; as well as suggesbcqts a pre-game and post-competition snack.

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