Case Study/Practical: Colesworths, Bondi Junction Australia

You are an assistant manager at Colesworths, Bondi Junction. Colesworths is Australia’s largest supermarket chain. Over the last few years the company has been dismissive about the importance of WHS. This changed a month ago when both an employee and customer were seriously injured when the worker, attempting to put a heavy box on a top shelf, fell off the ladder on to a customer. Not only was the company heavily fined, but the ensuing publicity caused significant damage to the company’s reputation.
The company’s CEO has requested that each store delegate an assistant manager to administer the store’s WHS policies. The CEO has asked that each store submit a report detailing the provision of WHS information and the implementation of WHS arrangements.
This initial report is to include:
1.Details of legislative obligations including:
a. The WHS legislation & relevant provisions
b. One WHS regulation & relevant provisions
c. One code of practice & relevant provisions
2.The methods of communication to convey the above information to the store employees. A minimum of three is required.
3. Details of the following aspects of the company’s WHS policies, procedures and programs: Refer to a. Contractor spot-checks
b. Chemicals
c. Incident management
d. Working from heights
4. Details of workplace hazards including:
a. Informing staff of identified hazards
b. Informing staff of the outcomes of risk assessment and control
5. The importance of effective consultation mechanisms in managing health & safety risks in the workplace.
6. Three consultation measures to facilitate participation from your staff on WHS matters.
7. Steps to ensure issues raised through consultation are promptly dealt with.
8. Methods of recording and communicating the outcomes of consultation with your staff.

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