Case study review and response

Each case should be in a separated paragraph, so that will make it total of two paragraphs


It does play a part when you talk about globalization on a much broader perspective and not just from an IT standpoint. The risk a lot of companies face when they start to centralize functions and operations largely depends on what the effect of their operations on the environment but to a larger extent the level of regulations and oversights those local governments have on the environment and a company’s ability to centralize. Also if the centralization areas have very strong labor unions, that will play into it, I don’t think any organization will want to centralize in an area where they cannot control costs to the advantage of their bottom line. IT globalization will follow the same trend, if IT laws and governmental regulations are not adequate in some of their operating areas, then it will be problematic as the ability to transmit and receive data and information from these areas may be seriously hampered.




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