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Have you ever played Clue, or seen the movie of that name? If so, bits of what is to come will feel oddly familiar. With Cause & Effect writing, the first caveat (cool word. Look it up if you don’t know it) is to remember that just because two occurrences happen sequentially doesn’t mean that the first necessarily precipitates the second. If I don’t do my laundry for three weeks because I’m studying so hard for an exam that I forget about it, and then I “ace” the exam, the lesson I draw from this should not be that ignoring hygiene leads to academic success. There is a name for faulty reasoning of this kind. It is a “fallacy” (a “flaw” in reasoning) called “post hoc” thinking, short for the Latin phrase “post hoc, ergo propter hoc,” which translates roughy as “after this; therefore because of this.” Coincidences happen. Not every incidence of sequencing is causal. Back to your assignment. I am going to give you an Effect, an end point. I am also going to give you a cast of characters and setting. Your job is to explain the Cause for the Effect/outcome I give you using the playing-pieces and board I provide: the characters and setting. Keep the tone of the work formal, although when/if your characters speak, they are allowed to sound otherwise. 104,964 Chess Game Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images – iStock Here we go . . . It is a dark evening during which one ferocious thunderstorm chases another down a narrow mountain valley. Clinging vertiginously to the rock of a steep cliff, the remnants of a castle are thrown into relief by fitful lightning. If the edifice saw better days, that was a century ago. Yet in one wing, a light appears. The castle is inhabited. Were one to approach and peer through the rain-lashed pane of the illuminated room, one would behold a vast, gloomy library. The light to be seen from the distance originates with a table lamp perched beside a reading chair. Oddly, given its unprepossessing appearance, the room is not empty. In fact, quite a number of individuals are gathered near the chair. They stand in a circle, ringing a figure who lies on the Oriental carpet. The person sprawling there is an old man, facedown, an antique dagger protruding from his back. Those regarding him, expressions of shock or curious satisfaction on their faces, are: (1) an elderly woman with a visible hearing aid; (2) a glamorous woman dripping sapphires; (3) a boy wearing tattered sneakers; (4) a middle-aged man in a bathing suit; (5) a Frenchman with a lisp; (6) a Dachshund named “Davenport”; and (7) a shy calico cat named “Marguerite.” Now, in 2-3 typed, double-spaced, MLA-formatted pages, explain the presence here of all seven individuals, and what happened to Cause the terrible Effebcqct I have given you.

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