CGS1030 Introduction to Information Technology Classwork Chapter 1 and 4 week 2


CGS1030 Introduction to Information Technology Classwork Chapter 1 and 4 Student’s Name: ______________________________________ 1) What is Digital literacy? 2) What Is the definition of a Computer? 3) Are data and information synonymous? Explain why. 4) What are the steps of the Information Processing Cycle? 5) Define hardware and software? HARDWARE SOFTWARE 6) A computer contains many electric, electronic, and mechanical components known as hardware. These components include input devices, output devices, a system unit, storage devices, and communications devices. Briefly explain each component and mention some examples: Definition Some Examples a. Input Device: b. Output Device: c. System Unit: d. Storage Device: e. Communication Device: 7) What are some common components inside the system unit?   8) Mention Some Storage types. 9) What are the Categories of Computers? 10) What are the Categories of Users? 11) Define a program, or software. 12) System software consists of two primary types of programs. Mention each and explain. 13) Define an Operating System and mention some examples. 14) What does the Operating System do? 15) Define Application Software. 16) Organize software and apps by categories: Category Types of programs (software) and Apps 17) Mention the software included in the Productivity / business Tool category (see previous question). 18) What is a software suite? Give a couple o

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