challenges faced by Red Cross disaster relief teams

The below link will take you to a website of a documentary made about Red Cross disaster relief workers who went to deliver donations to victims / clients / recipients in Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake. This specific page of the website lists six (6) “relief challenges” faced by organizations tasked to deliver aid. Read the summary of each challenge.

NOTE: There is a video accompanying each of the six challenges. *Some of these videos contain footage of GRAPHIC DEVASTATION. Please DO NOT VIEW if you are sensitive to graphic footage. Again, you are only required to read the six challenges. You are NOT required to view the accompanying video clips that further describe each challenge.*

Inside Disaster: Inside the Haiti Earthquake

Considering what you now know about the challenges in delivering donations on individual and organizational levels, in your initial post, answer these questions:

Of the six challenges faced by Red Cross disaster relief teams in Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, which might also be faced in attempts to deliver aid to developing countries?
Select two (2) challenges you listed in your answer to the first question and relate those challenges to information discussed in at least one (1) of the required article readings in this module. How do(es) the author(s) in the reading(s) you selected address those challenges, and how do(es) his/her/their approach(es) differ from those approached by relief workers on the ground in Haiti? How is/are the approach(es) to challenge(s) similar?



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