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Guillermo Cespedes.  Latin America:  The Early Years. Peter Gordon and Juan Jose Morales.  The Silver Way:  China, Spanish America and the Birth of Globalization, 1565-1815.  Donna Pierce.  Spanish Colonial Art. Larrie Ferreiro.  Brothers at Arms.  Selected chapters. Colin Woodard.  American Nations.  Selected chapters. Some brief examples from the Restall and Greer books should be included. Colonial Biographies Select four (4) biographies from the following list.  Comments from each biography can be limited to 2-3 sentences. 1 Person from Spanish America: Isabel Moctezuma Cristobal Bequer Ursula de Jesus Miguel Hernandez Enrico Martinez 1 Person from Portuguese America (Brazil): Damiana da Cunha Antonio de Gouveia Catarina de Monte Sinay Francisca 2 Persons from North America (English and French) Lachlan McGillivray Daniel Boone Pierre Pouchot Films Engineering an Empire:  The Aztecs The Buried Mirror:  Episode 3.  The Age of Gold Heart of a Pueblo:  The Plaza in Mexico Death at Jamestown Colonial House; select 1 episode to view Include comments on any other films from the course you find useful for your story. Write a report of 8-12 pages, typed and double-spaced, that describes aspects of economic and social life in the European colonies as represented in these written and visual sources. From the biographies, discuss their occupations and social status, and key aspects of their social and economic condition. From the films and books, describe important characteristics of daily life in the country, the city, the economy, and political life as represented in these sources. How did the various colonies differ from each other, especially in North America (Woodard)? What role did the native peoples play in these imperial colonial societies? From the start in the Caribbean, the Spanish Empire in America would be primarily a mestizo empire, a mixture of the natives peoples with the Europeans.  In Mexico (New Spain) and Peru, these native civilizations were in many ways more advanced than European communities of the 15th century.  How is this evident in the films about the Aztec empire?

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