Christian view on same-sex marriages

Research Paper: Pick a topic that is both controversial and directly related to the role of religion in contemporary social or political life. Examples include debates over prayer in schools, abortion, homosexuality, separation of church and state, creationism vs. evolution, end of life questions, war and religion, or gender issues. However, choose a recent topic and narrow your topic as much as possible (e.g., How the Hyde Amendment Affects Planned Parenthood, Christian View on Gay Marriages, etc. ). The paper should include an accurate summary of the arguments involved on all sides of the issue as well as a conclusion presenting your critical perspective on the theme in light of the research you have done. Include application of concepts learned in class from theorists (e.g., Eliade, Freud, etc.) and readings from our textbook. Be sure to include proper citation and references used (APA format suggested); A paper with only website sources is not acceptable. Use books, magazine articles, newspaper clippings, reliable internet sources, videos, pamphlets, photos, interviews, etc.; make sure your sources are varied and recent; you must include at least three (3) reliable/academic sources.

Format paper before submission (APA format suggested) and do a Microsoft Word “Tools” spelling/grammar check as well. Do not write in the first person language (I, we); use third. Your paper should demonstrate good critical thinking skills. Must submit paper as a Microsoft file, not .pdf. Papers will be automatically checked by (note: keep percentage yield below 10%).

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