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Using books or articles you find or sources you have in your possession, write a citation in an appropriate fAPA format for each of the following types of references.

  • A book written by a single author
  • An article in an edited book
  • An article in a print-format journal
  • An article downloaded from Liberty University’s databases
  • A web page
  • An electronic book
  • A reference work (dictionary, concordance, etc.)
  • A book with multiple editions
  • A common genre of writing in your discipline (e.g., a book review in English or History, a case study in counseling, a scientific study in nursing, a legal brief, etc.)

Practice 8.4: Find out what your field of study’s formatting guidelines want you to do with each of the following (or if they are even necessary). Note your answer briefly.

  • Title pages
  • Abstracts
  • Tables of contents
  • Appendices
  • Page numbers
  • In-text citations or footnotes
  • Works Cited or Bibliography or References
  • Long quotations
  • Margins, font, and spacing
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