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3 different research papers are needed. Each report is 4 pages and  has its own article which needs to be read and a research/report paper needs to be typed out.  Articles:  1.  Differing trends in the United States and European severe thunderstorm environments in a warming climate 2. Integrating Global Climate Change Mitigation Goals with Other Sustainability Objectives: A Synthesis 3. Vision of China’s future urban construction reform: In the perspective of comprehensive prevention and control for multi disasters Format: ·  The font type: Times New Roman, and the size: 12 point.            ·      Line spacing: 1.5.           ·     4 to 6 papes limit  Content: The content of your report along with marks of each section is as follows.  Different sections of the report:  • Problem Formulation – 10 %  • Methods and Means – 20 %  • Results – 30 %  • Conclusion – 15 %  • Critique (This must reflect your personal opinion of the research) – 25 %

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