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Business and TechnologyArchitectural Design and Civil Engineering TechnologyBCN 1272BluePrint ReadingFinalProject(Submission: Online)Overview:This assignment will require you to recall various pieces of information covered throughout the course modulesby answering the Learning Objectives Questions. Followed by a brief personal reflectionsection by answering the Self-Reflection Questions.Answer the questions inan essay format (Do not put the question before each answer).Learning ObjectivesQuestions to Answer:1.What kind of drawingtypes might you expect to see in a set of residential construction drawings?2.What kind of drawing types might be included in a set of commercial construction drawings but not in a set of residential construction drawings?3.Where would you find the definitionof different symbols and linetypes on a particular drawing(i.e door type/dimensions, window type/dimensions, light type, plumbing fitting types, etc.)?4.What building code requirement might be shown on an elevation that specifies that height of astructure in relation to a body of water (i.e River, Lake, Ocean, ect.)?5.What kind of viewwould you need to findfeatures such asthe heightof a structureor the slopeof a roof?6.When and by whom was theBlueprint process created?7.Did construction drawings exist before the “Blueprint”?Self-Reflection Questions to Answer:1.What interests you about architecture?2.What have you learned so far at FSW about architecture?3.What subjects/sections doyou feel could use more depth or detail?4.What did you enjoy about the Blueprint Reading course?5.What didn’t you enjoy about the Blueprint Reading course?6.Any other in-sights about your progressin understanding the field/subject of Architecture.

Business and TechnologyArchitectural Design and Civil Engineering TechnologySubmission Requirements:•1 page minimum; Essay FormatoAnswer the questions in an essay formatoDouble Spaced, 12pt Times New Roman, 1”MarginsoIf you use sources to find any information include and cite them properly using APAoIf written by hand, ensure that handwriting is legibleEvaluation Criteria:•The lab rubricwill be used to evaluate this assessment.

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