Civil Engineering open book remote exam: Hydraulics


I am going to have an open book remote exam on Civil Engineering. The module is Hydraulics. It will be released on a specific day at a specific time. The exam timetable is yet to be released, but it will normally take place in late august or early september. The time limit for the exam is 2 hrs, so you will have to send photos of your answers to me in real time. I will send the pdf file of the exam to you and you can complete the exam off-line. Your answers must be your own work: you must not use answers/content provided wholly or in part by others/other sources. You cant even take references from the internet or other sources. If you are going to use content from the internet or other sources, you must summarise the information in your own words. The attached are some past papers for you to look at. (They are not the exam!) The passing grade is 50/100. Therefore, I would like to know if I could get a full refund to my bank account if I get a grade lower than the passing grade.

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