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The Day after Tomorrow

remains the defining and contemporary issue of the modern-day planet earth. There has been a constant shift in weather patterns and rising sea levels. Also, intense storms and hurricanes have increased rapidly; besides, this phenomenon has led to a decline in food production. New research has shown that the movie’s plot idea, The Day after Tomorrow, is now happening. The Atlantic- Meridional overturning circulation in the film depicts today’s ultimate climate change in real life. Besides climate change, there are various forms of emergencies. World Health Organization describes a crisis as a state where standard procedures are interrupted and immediate measures needed to prevent a disaster (Jul et al. .327-344). The government should adopt a qualified disaster management and preparedness team because of the ranging climatic change. Besides, the emergency preparedness and response team should have a quick response during a disastrous event. Such measures will reduce fatalities during a disaster because most people saved during the event.

First, the government should adopt the emergency preparedness department’s creation to respond to a disaster quickly. For instance, according to the movie, the United States government sent its rescue team during the disaster. However, the method of rescue was not efficient because the helicopter exploded before saving the victims. Besides, there was a late response in ordering the airlines; (Jul et al.327-344); in summary, an emergency preparedness department will be responsible for identifying the most cost-effective method for reducing the calamities’ impact. The team will also determine the various hazards and develop a plan of action to manage and counter the risk. Besides, the department will investigate the response of the victims towards a particular disaster. In conclusion, having a robust disaster management team will help in restoring the affected individuals and areas. Altogether, the team should ensure that professionals from all departments of concern are included in the group.

Secondly, the government should implement a good plan on how to handle the various disasters arising. Public attention often focuses on disaster planning. For instance, President Blake’s ignorance of not following the forecasted expert’s view depicted the emergency department’s lack of proper planning (Jul et al. 76-96). In summary, the disaster Preparedness team should be in an excellent position to list and rank their emergencies according to their probability of occurrence; for instance, large scale disasters with numerous casualties are often unusual. Besides, the hazards should be classified according to their scope. Also, the plan should be short and precise because it will enable the quick accessibility of information. For example, the Delta Airline Technical Operation Center plan includes various emergencies such as fire explosion, spill response, or severe weather response. The department team plan should also encompass regular updates of alert and response procedures, for instance, dialing 911 and waiting for the fire department to come during a fire outbreak. Altogether, once the plan has been created, it should be tested to check on its efficiency and feasibility, for example, carrying out disaster drills. In conclusion, a well-organized plan will allow for quick response to calamities at hand. Implementing such action will minimize the impact of a hazard.

Lastly, the preparedness department must be in a position to respond quickly in case of a disastrous event. For example, the government reacted too late to the climate disaster in the day after tomorrow movie. Besides, the government ignored the paleo climatologist view of ice core’s splitting due to harsh weather conditions. (Jul et al. 327-344). In the movie, the jack advice to the storm victims was to burn the library papers to keep them warm; it also prevented freezing.

In summary, the initial actions taken during a particular disaster are critical in reducing the hazard’s effect. Such efforts always stabilize the victims and, to some extent, minimizes the potential damage. For example, conducting first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation on an individual can save their lives and prevent extreme health conditions. Also, planning for adverse weather conditions forecasted reduces the impact of such a phenomenon, for example, by advising people to stay at home during a storm. Also, ordering airlines to close due to extreme weather conditions is a perfect example of efficient planning activity. Altogether, arrogance, negligence, and ignorance of the emergency department result in inefficiency of the Disaster management procedures’ inefficiency. In conclusion, the government should take cases and views from professionals with the utmost relevance and urgency.

A nation with a well-structured disaster management strategy often experiences a low impact of a hazardous phenomenon. The disaster management team remains an institutionalize mechanism for addressing most hazards. It forms a framework for developing an appropriate response during a disastrous occasion. Besides, the team plays a crucial role in selecting a feasible solution to a particular hazard. Also, having a plan enables the risk management team to adequately prepare for a forecasted hazardous phenomenon like harsh weather conditions. A quick response to a particular disaster helps save the life of the victims involved. Besides, it prevents adverse damages that may be caused by the event. Altogether, every nation should strengthen its disaster management teams.





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