College students perceptions of coronavirus knowledge, attitude, practice and perception regarding COVID-19 among college students.


1. Begin the paper with an introduction, an explanation of the topic.  2. You will find peer-reviewed journal articles, Summarize each article including what the researcher found.  3. A brief description of the research design. 4. The advantages and disadvantages of the design used and how it compares to other articles in the Literature review. Then describe the gaps or pieces that are missing in the research (if any), ethical considerations (if any), and validity issues (if any), Each article becomes its own paragraph or two or three and leads into the next article.  5. collectively discuss any gaps in the current research question and finally to the hypothesis and the key variable of the study that is being proposed.  FINAL- So the final literature review should have an introduction to the topic, a review of each current article, a discussion of where there are gaps in the current literature, the research question and how it fits into the gaps, and a concluding hypothesis.   PLEASE NOTE: You will find the names of the articles above the annotations. You can locate most of them in EBSCOHOST and some in google.  Please add different publications to this literature review  So, Basically you are just building upon the annotated bibliographies, the gaps, ethical considerations, and validity issues from each article.

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