Commuincations Course two questions

  • Share the techniques you use to relate to others in the workplace. Briefly describe a conflict and how you solved it. Indicate if you used any of the tips you provided in your post. Respond to one of your classmate’s posts with alternate suggestions for how to resolve the conflict described in his or her post.
  • RESPOND to this Students Post: (Lorenzo) When someone is preforming under the expectations of their position. More than likely this would mean that I would have to speak with them regarding their performance. I’ve taken something that I learned from an experienced manager. She called it the oreo method. This would include using recognition to buffer the feedback or that you are going to give them. This works especially well for those that don’t take criticism lightly. You would begin with recognizing them on their progress or performance regarding something else. Then you would provide them with feedback regarding their under performance. Lastly, you would end with setting a small goal to show progress or another type of recognition.
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