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Textbook: Arterburn and Felton

Learning Activity #3: Healthy Faith Discussion

  • Read Chapter 10 of your text by Arterburn and Felton.
  • Prepare to engage in discussion the following:
  • What does a healthy faith look like? What sort of things should one look for in a counseling session?
  • What sort of group activities outside of the counseling environment (i.e. a “spiritual community”) would be helpful in providing support to the counselee?
  • What group activities might be avoided (think about the messages the counselee might receive)?

Learning Activity #5: Community vs. Local Support Discussion

  • Look at the website below of existing support groups in one of the largest churches in the US. As you look at the listings, click on a few of the groups to get a feel for the ethos of the support that takes place. Although some of the groups do not supply much information, others give a good summary and feel of their passion and concern for the issue at hand.
  • Prepare to engage in discussion by outlining your proposed Spiritual Community prototype from Learning Activity #4. It can be in general terms at this point if you have not started your paper. Discuss contrasts between your prototype and one that may exist in the local church ministry. Be sure to address how your prototype can be benefitted by including similar support systems as those provided in a local church.

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