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Locate Community Corrections departments in five different states. Do not use Florida. Include the URL of each agency, and be sure to name the state or county. Keep in mind that many community based programs fall within a state’s department of corrections but some are county run. You must find the community based programs, not programs that are offered solely inside jails or prisons for inmates. Minimum number of content pages (if you choose to write a paper) = 6 (does not include Abstract, Title page or Reference page). APA writing style must be used. Your sources must be cited using APA format. If you complete a slide presentation, your last slide(s) will contain your citations. our task will be to research these five departments in order to compare and contrast them. Your abstract may indicate that you are comparing and contrasting agencies for the purpose of determining if they have similar missions and programs in community based corrections. You may include Federal probation, but only as one of your five selections. Federal probation is standardized across the country, whereas state or county agencies are not. Below are some suggestions for comparing and contrasting: What is the agency’s organizational structure? Is the agency run by the state or the county? What is the mission of the organization? What types of community based programs are offered in addition to standard probation? Is there a cost for offenders to be supervised? Is the department’s website easy or difficult to navigate? Does the department’s website give comprehensive information to both offenders and non-offenders? These are just a few topics you could look at when preparing your slide presentation or paper. You are not limited by these topics. You may consider other compare and contrast topics. Your conclusion should include which program(s) seems to be the most comprehensive. Is there one agency that stands out above the rest in its community based programs? Is there one that stands out as the worst? Again, these are just a few ideas to consider in your conclusion. the programs are probation diversion programs , Pretoria’s release programs, halfway houses, residential treatment programs the goal is to find out about community based programs operating in other states , and then compare and contrast the programs offered

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