Company and Industry Overview

You will do the overview for the university ministry at Dominican University.
1. Company and Industry Overview
o Please explain and provide an overview. What is the mission and/or vision of the organization? What type of company is it (non-profit, for-profit, etc.,)? Where is the headquarters located? How many employees do you have? Is the organization looking to expand or are you downsizing? What type of industry does the organization consider themselves a part of? How does the company differentiate themselves from the competition? Include any other relevant information and specific examples that you think your classmates would find interesting about the organization and/or the industry.
2. Clients/Customers
o Who is their target market? Who are their primary customers and/or clients?? Are they more concerned with B2B or B2C? Both? Why that market? Include specific examples and/or additional relevant information.
3. Product(s)/Service(s)
o What types of products and/or services does the company provide/sell? How do they provide/sell those products/services? Who do they sell the most products/services to? Please include any relevant information and/or specific examples that the class might find interesting here.


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